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J., French histologist, 1858-1950. See: Toison stain.
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La Toison d'or involves a transfer as well, in this case of both the Golden Fleece and Medee's affections, from her family to Jason, the leader of the Argonauts.
In a subject steeped in secrecy, the mystery increases as we try to unravel the symbolism of the order that carries the name of the Golden Fleece, namely, the Order of the "Toison d'Or," established by Philip of Burgundy in 1430.
Her status as the representation-controlling magician is the first and most basic component of Medea's power in La Toison d'or.
Armes de cisailles, les tondeurs volontaires se mettent a l'œuvre dans un endroit propre ou les animaux, avec une toison bien epaisse apres l'engraissement durant la periode hivernale, sont rassembles avant qu'un attrapeur amene l'animal au tondeur pour le debarrasser de son manteau d'hiver (toison).
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Le mouton d'Ouled Djellal a une toison blanche recouvrant tout le corps hormis le ventre et la partie inferieure du collier.
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