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1. A colloquial term for a child who has begun to walk but whose gait remains clumsy or unsteady.
2. A child between the ages of 2 and 4 years.
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Q. How much protein should an 18 month old male toddler have daily?

A. sorry about the above :), what i said is i couldn't find a table, although i saw one once( don't remember). but i recommend this site to get information in -

about protein, it depends on the infant's weight.

Q. My toddler is refusing to take the formula diet. My toddler is refusing to take the formula diet. Doctor has prescribed him iron drops. But why is the need and could he be iron deficient at this age?

A. His iron supplements would be incomplete and so is the requirement of iron drops being prescribed by the doctor. My daughter was also found to be iron deficient and the doctor suggested me to add diets such as oats, beans like soy beans, cereals, green vegetables like spinach, seafood, egg yolks, iron fortified breads, dry fruits. Iron plays a vital role in the formation of blood and its deficiency can lead to anemia. Early stage child anemia is harmful for the child. Do not forget to give oranges and citric fruits because it helps in the absorption of iron from foods taken.

Q. My two years old boy started to limp and to complain about foot pain. what can it be? My two years boy is complaining about a left foot pain. the pain starts in his thigh and radiates down. He doesn't have fever or any other symptom. He started waking in the age of 1.5 years and he never walked well. He seems like he is never balanced on his left leg. His labor was traumatic, and I needed a C-section. what can be the source of his complaints?

A. Hello...has your son been seen by a pediatric orthopedist? There are many things this could be...including flat feet, no arches (have the child step in water and then walk on concrete...see if you can see an arch there or is there nothing but the water with no indication of an arch. Just in case of something more serious, and not to frighten you, but let's say things are out there today, ? a rare syndrome or even Charcot? Only a pediatric orthopedist could address those types of issues and no mom ever wants to see her son or daughter suffer...
it hurts us as much as them I think! If it continues or gets worse, please do not delay in seeing the pediatric orthopedist to be sure.
I hope this was helpful and blessings your way. BARBS

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Empirical evidence regarding relationships between premature birth, temperament and behavior problems at toddlerhood will improve anticipatory guidance offered in clinical practice aimed at this specific population.
By the time they reached toddlerhood, very preterm infants originally treated with higher oxygen levels continued to show benefits when compared to a group treated with lower oxygen levels, according to a follow-up study by a research network of the National Institutes of Health that confirms earlier network findings.
Written for a non-medical audience, Early Communication Skills for Children with Down Syndrome expertly breaks down language development, from infancy through toddlerhood. Kumin includes basic concepts, but also activities that can boost success.
Kindly but frankly, Warkentin told her that he and his wife--both church goers since toddlerhood, were "lost and intimidated" by the Anglican liturgy.
It incorporates the main site's content, which includes blogs, articles and advice from experienced mums, midwives and healthcare professionals, covering pregnancy through to toddlerhood.
Results from the study will help to understand whether humans are a naturally pair-bonded species and if this is the case, whether we pair bond for life or, as some have suggested, just for as long as it takes to raise a child past "toddlerhood".
The period from infancy through toddlerhood is an exciting but often overwhelming time for parents.
There's dad Daniel (Brian Boland), morn Kristi (Sprague Grayden), teen Ali (Molly Ephraim) and infant Hunter (played by twins William and Jackson Prieto once the action jumps forward a few months to toddlerhood).
A new study uses the backdrop of routine childhood immunizations to explore the developmental immunotoxicity of PCBs and finds that higher PCB exposure in toddlerhood is associated with reduced antibodies against diphtheria and tetanus later in childhood [EHP 118(10):1434-1438; Heilmann et al.].
Probably our first example of plans going awry happened somewhere between toddlerhood and kindergarten.
He not only raised her from toddlerhood, she explains, he saved her life.
Formed strongly during a baby's first week, these types of odor memories can influence behavior and become reactivated up to toddlerhood, suggests a team led by Benoist Schaal.