Toddlers’ Diarrhoea

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A condition defined as the presence of unresolved diarrhoea with mild malabsorption that persists after the resolution of acute gastroenteritis
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(1998) Toddler diarrhoea: more a nutritional disorder than a disease.
SHE could have a type of toddler diarrhoea thought to be caused by drinking too much, low dietary fat or just eating too quickly - no one really knows.
It includes discussion of some relevant areas such as cystic fibrosis and short bowel syndrome (worthy, but perhaps too complex to be included here), but also discussion of an assorted group of problems such as toddler diarrhoea and coeliac disease, whose general nutritional management appears to have little place in a discussion of nutritional support.
A THE symptoms you describe may well represent what is known as "toddler diarrhoea" partly caused by the bugs that a young child exploring its environment will undoubtedly pick up.