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But that began to change in 2010 when some key services at the nearby General Hospital services closed, while nearby s up e r-markets opened smaller Nigel Todd units up.
Physical examinations and investigations (including complete blood count (CBC), biochemical analyses, cardiological evaluation, hs-CRP (high-sensitivity C-reactive protein) were normal, but serum Antistreptolysin O (ASO) titer was 1333 Todd units (Normal value: 170-330 Todd units) and Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) value was 32/first hour (Normal 0-10).
He did not report any compulsion six weeks later and ESR and ASO value reduced to 22/first hour and 1248 Todd units, respectively.
Initial laboratory examination revealed a white blood cell count of 13,000/ml, sedimentation rate of 85 mm/h, C-reactive protein: 132 mg/dl, Antistreptolisin O (ASO): 870 Todd units (normal<200).
A probable case of GAS pneumonia required a positive throat or sputum culture for GAS or an ASO titer of >250 Todd units in the absence of another identified etiologic agent.
Sputum or throat cultures were positive for GAS or the patient had an ASO of >250 Todd units in two (29%) of the seven confirmed and five (28%) of the 18 possible C.