Francesco, Italian anatomist, 1839-1918. See: Todaro tendon.
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According to Todaro, economic development is a 'broad term that does not have a single, unique definition.
From the teamwork of national leaders who drafted the Todaro Initiative (see article by Dorcas Hand) to program collaboration as described in Smith's summer reading program, to the content collaboration Akingbola describes for improving what is taught about Africa, to Copeland and Jacob's more traditional but powerful collaboration of the classroom teacher and teacher librarian.
An increasing number of institutions want expanded computer space for competency-based, self-directed learning supported by tutors, says Julie Todaro, president of the American Library Association and dean of library services at Austin Community College in Texas.
Antonio Todaro (University of Modena & Reggio Emilia), Maria G.
Todaro, "A continuous tumor-cell line from a human lung carcinoma with properties of type II alveolar epithelial cells," Int J Cancer, vol.
Todaro to its management committee where he serves as executive vice president overseeing the mortgage and customer asset management division, the company said.
Todaro has been appointed to the management committee, where he serves as executive vice president responsible for the Mortgage and Customer Asset Management division.
After introducing the proposed method, we reconstruct two economic parameters based on a Black-Scholes option pricing model and a Todaro model.
Coming off their Italian Dancing with the Stars win, Guisy Versace and her dance partner Raimondo Todaro also graced the stage with a performance.
Adrian Morley, Daniela Todaro and their three children have spent the last month in emergency accommodation after white spirit was pushed through the letterbox of their Kings Norton home and set ablaze.
The American Library Association (ALA) announced that Julie Todaro was elected president.