Hemaseel HMN Surgery A hemostatic/sealing surgical adhesive/biologic tissue glue comprised of fibrinogen, thrombin, aprotinin Indications Adjunct to hemostasis in procedures involving cardiopulmonary bypass, repair of spleen; sealant for closing colostomies. See Fibrin glue.
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Introduced customer-centric enhancements to Baxters leading hemostatic agents, FLOSEAL and TISSEEL, designed to enhance patient safety and ease of use for clinicians.
Tisseel can reduce hemorrhage after loop electrosurgical excision procedure (Gynecol.
BioSurgery sales were $717 million, up 7%, favorably impacted by Synovis, which Baxter acquired during 1Q12, and growth of surgical sealants Tisseel and Floseal, while the Vaccines franchise saw a jump of 15% to $292 million, with higher sales of FSMEIMMUN (a tick-borne encephalitis vaccine) and milestone payments from ongoing flu vaccine collaborations.
Tissucol (fibrinogeno humano, trombina, albumina y animales aprotinina), Tisseel (fibrinogeno humano, trombina y aprotinina [Baxter International Inc.
Si-Nae, Effect of Tisseel on bone healing with particulate dentin and plaster of Paris mixture; Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol Endod;109:e34-e40; 2010.
A biologic hemostatic agent, FloSeal or TISSEEL (Baxter Corp.
In our centre, we use human thrombin from the Tisseel kit (Baxter US) where the thrombin powder is mixed with the calcium chloride solution and drawn up into a 1ml syringe.
Endoscopic closure of recurrent tracheoesophageal fistula using Tisseel.
Regenerative medicine sales were driven by increased demand for surgical sealant products, including Floseal and Tisseel, while market adoption of Baxter's advanced recombinant therapy, Advate, was responsible for much of the recombinant products sales surge.
After the phrenic nerve block, the fistula was brushed gently at bronchoscopy to encourage bleeding and subsequent granulation, and 2 mls of topical fibrin sealant Tisseel [TM] (Baxter Healthcare Corporation, Westlake Village, CA 91362 USA) was applied.
El primer sellante de fibrina aprobado por la FDA en 1998 y el mas estudiado en los Estados Unidos fue Tisseel o Tissucol [R] (Baxter), contiene aprotinina bovina que es un agente antifibrinolitico que frena la disolucion natural del coagulo.