Hemaseel HMN Surgery A hemostatic/sealing surgical adhesive/biologic tissue glue comprised of fibrinogen, thrombin, aprotinin Indications Adjunct to hemostasis in procedures involving cardiopulmonary bypass, repair of spleen; sealant for closing colostomies. See Fibrin glue.
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Multifunctional products such as Baxter's TISSEEL that can compete with surgical hemostats, internal tissue sealants and adhesion barriers have gained interest in Europe.
Si-Nae, Effect of Tisseel on bone healing with particulate dentin and plaster of Paris mixture; Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol Endod;109:e34-e40; 2010.
A biologic hemostatic agent, FloSeal or TISSEEL (Baxter Corp.
In our centre, we use human thrombin from the Tisseel kit (Baxter US) where the thrombin powder is mixed with the calcium chloride solution and drawn up into a 1ml syringe.
Regenerative medicine sales were driven by increased demand for surgical sealant products, including Floseal and Tisseel, while market adoption of Baxter's advanced recombinant therapy, Advate, was responsible for much of the recombinant products sales surge.
After the phrenic nerve block, the fistula was brushed gently at bronchoscopy to encourage bleeding and subsequent granulation, and 2 mls of topical fibrin sealant Tisseel [TM] (Baxter Healthcare Corporation, Westlake Village, CA 91362 USA) was applied.
Prior to excision, Tisseel fibrin-glue-coated patties were placed along the surgical pathway to prevent tumor seeding.
The product is based on a combination of Baxter's TISSEEL fibrin sealant and Kuros' proprietary biologics and associated binding technology.
The two companies, working together under a long-term research and development agreement, have shown that Baxter's TISSEEL, combined with Kuros' novel biologics and fibrin-based binding technology, enables growth factors and other bioactive agents to be attached to fibrin, thereby enhancing the regeneration of bone and soft tissue.
Food and Drug Administration for an expanded indication for TISSEEL for general hemostasis in surgery when control of bleeding by standard surgical techniques is ineffective or impractical.
In the fibrin glue group, Tissomat (Baxter AG; Vienna, Austria) was used to spray 2 ml of Tisseel VH (Baxter) over the entire surface of the wound.