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Tiffany, Tiffanie (UK)

a semi-longhaired version of the Burmese cat. It has a fine, silky coat in many colors.
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Respecto a este tipo de cita, Nathalie Piegay-Gros (1996:50) y Tiphaine Samoyault (2001:34, 43) usan el nombre de plagio.
Finally, it is when hostilities reach their highest point--with "the war between the Vinet faction and the Tiphaine faction .
Many of the essays direct their text and image prism at French works, for instance: Lorraine Piroux's analysis of legibility, ownership and copyright, and authorial intent in Jacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint-Pierre's Paul et Virginie; and Jacques Neefs's examination of how "creation is made visible" (113) on the pages of manuscripts by Marcel Proust, Victor Hugo, and Gustave Flaubert (see also French-focused essays by Shaw, Phillip Dennis Cate, and Tiphaine Samoyault).
Sur ces questions, lire Tiphaine Samoyault, L'Intertextualite, memoire de la litterature, Paris, Armand Colin, coll.
45) Tiphaine Samoyault, "L'Hybride et l'heterogene," Noelle Batt et al.
32) Samoyault, Tiphaine, << Les livres tombeaux du temps >> in Le Corps evanoui.
Il suffirait d'imaginer que Tiphaine doit etre tue par Jacques parce qu'il a une responsabilite accablante dans la mort de ses parents" (257).
Apart from natural language, the signifier Tiffauges can be conceived as an almost homophonic allusion to Tiphaine, the child-slaughtering criminal in Victor Hugo's "l'Aigle du Casque" (Bouloumie 45, 258).
The Tiphaine group has made an important step towards increasing their power by excluding the Rogrons.
Contact person: EDF Direction des achats Mme Tiphaine Garin