Tiny Steps

A Delaware-based program for low-income pregnant women which is staffed by residents (registrars) providing prenatal and postpartum care to women and their children, resulting in decreased mortality and morbidity
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Some support was necessary, for she was very stout, and so compressed that the upper part of her body hung considerably in advance of her feet, which could only trip in tiny steps, owing to the tightness of the skirt round her ankles.
But while the modern globalised economy has seen trade and tourism jump forward in leaps and bounds, the structure of our industry has shuffled forward only a few tiny steps.
It's going to be tiny, tiny steps for Liverpool before we get anywhere near where we want to be.
None of this was ever explained to me and I wished someone had, which is why I decided to write about my experiences in Tiny Steps Will Be Better Than None.
But How We Got to Now pays tribute to the contributions of dozens of lesser-known inventors who are just as interesting and worthy of historical recognition, and perhaps provides perspective on the way that truly revolutionary technologies emerge in tiny steps.
The surface layer in question may be just a few nanometres thick, but when the researchers cut tiny steps in that layer on a seemingly solid piece of polystyrene, it flattened out in comparatively short order.
Transit priority projects like EmX are tiny steps toward righting that balance.
Because they realize the day-to-day journey and seemingly tiny steps are the only ways to achieve their end goal.
aA few tiny steps forward; some big steps back,a he tweeted.
over its about face on the threat of striking the Syrian regime militarily, and its tiny steps toward a thawing of relations with Iran.
Take a tiny step toward it every day this week, two tiny steps each day next week, and so on.
It could be subtle and tiny steps for a very important future," he said.