Tiny Steps

A Delaware-based program for low-income pregnant women which is staffed by residents (registrars) providing prenatal and postpartum care to women and their children, resulting in decreased mortality and morbidity
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Some support was necessary, for she was very stout, and so compressed that the upper part of her body hung considerably in advance of her feet, which could only trip in tiny steps, owing to the tightness of the skirt round her ankles.
Have you ever had a dream A dream you never want to end Of bygone carefree days Some you cannot comprehend Your first day at school When you felt so alone Mom waited by school gate To take you safely home School days are soon over Big wide world to explore You say "Goodbye" to friends You may see no more You go on your first date Experience your first kiss Suddenly life is wonderful Your world full of bliss You've fallen in love Decide to name the day Now those infant years Seem so far away Your first child is born A memory to treasure Baby's first tiny steps Gave you so much pleasure As the years go by Each and everyone Do you ever stop and think "The Years", where have they gone.
Tiny steps taken have converged into big milestones and achievements.
THE Big Tiny Steps Appeal has been launched to raise PS250,000 to make Liverpool Women's Hospital's new neonatal unit a state-of-the-art facility when it opens next year.
We are trying to create a market here for them, but for that, you need to take a first step and I think tiny steps are already there.
And yet, is this laborious acquisition of knowledge, obtained through tiny steps in the lab, valuable in and of itself?
They saw presentations of [pounds sterling]3,000 each to three charities, Cheshire's NeuroMuscular Centre, which improves the quality of life for adults and young people with muscular dystrophy, the Wirral Community Narrowboat Trust and mid Cheshire based Tiny Steps all nominated for support by employees at Stanlow.
She said Sheldrick's memory and work will continue with the tiny steps of baby elephants for generations to come, and that the work she pioneered has achieved so much for wildlife and wild places throughout Kenya.
So I created a long to-do list that included finding a partner to help me, and all the tiny steps required to create, launch and run the program.
But the clock is ticking for Teesside's high emissions - and we need "huge leaps, not tiny steps" to avoid large-scale job losses - just like SSI, industry experts say.
Grasping for positives is tough, but two fightbacks in two games to claim a draw represents "tiny steps", according to the manager.