Tinel, Jules

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Jules, French neurologist, 1879-1952.
Tinel sign - a sensation of tingling felt in the distal extremity of a limb with percussion over the site of an injured nerve, indicating a partial lesion or early regeneration in the nerve. Synonym(s): Tinel test
Tinel suture
Tinel test - Synonym(s): Tinel sign
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A collegiate classification proposes finding three or more of the following signs and symptoms to establish the diagnosis: (1) paresthesia along the territory of median nerve, (2) nocturnal paresthesia, (3) thenar atrophy, (4) positive Tinel test, (5) positive Phalen test, and (6) decreased sensitivity.
Diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome is mainly clinically.5 Typical history and various clinical tests like Phalen test, Durken compression test and Tinel test are sufficient to make diagnosis.6 Anyhow its presence may be confirmed with various tests like Nerve conduction study and EMG1 These tests are useful to stage the degree of nerve compression and may therefore assist the surgeon and patient in anticipating the time needed for recovery of nerve function.
In Tinel test, manual percussion is performed on the potential entrapment region of the nerve.
Strongly positive crank and grind test Volar Carpal tunnel Positive Tinel test Nil syndrome and positive Phalen's test Scaphoid tubercle Fracture or Uncommon.
192 pazienti sono stati sottoposti all'esame neurologico e a quattro test clinici di provocazione: il Tinel test a livello del solco mediale in prossimita dell'epicondilo, il test di compressione e la palpazione del nervo ulnare al gomito, per valutare la dolorabilita e l'ispessimento del nervo.
* Tinel test - firm tap over wrist crease elicits 'electric shock-like' symptoms
The Phalen and Tinel tests are positive of the patients, and they demonstrated a "shaking out" movement to alleviate the numbness in the night.