Jules, French neurologist, 1879-1952. See: Tinel sign.
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Increased pain and paraesthesia are observed with median nerve irritation (nerve percussion at wrist level; Tinel sign and excessive wrist flexion and extension; Falen test) [46].
Oykulerinde elde median sinir dagilimina uyan bolgede parestezi, agri ve/veya vazomotor semptomlari olanlar, gece yakinmalari olanlar, semptom suresi alti haftadan uzun olanlar, fizik muayenelerinde Tinel, Phalen ve Ters Phalen testlerinin en az biri pozitif olan hastalar calismaya kabul edildi.
Provocative manoeuvres such as the Tinel sign (tapping over the carpal tunnel) or the Phalen test (flex the wrist as far as possible and holding that position for 60 seconds) are positive in the majority, but not all, of cases.
The neurological exam is also of some import in our field, and so, thanks to Tinel, Phalen, Jendrassik, and Lasegue, I have a few tricks up my sleeve.
Norolojik muayenesinde sag el bileginde Tinel pozitifligi disinda ozellik saptanmayan hastanin EMG incelemesinde, 2.
The Tinel sign can be used to assess axonal growth; percussion over the nerve graft in a distal-to-proximal fashion should produce a tingling sensation at the site of active growth.
Grannis, (14) the court noted that a neurological exam had disclosed "positive Tinel s sign on both wrists" (15) and went on to explain:
A review notes that the work was first performed in 1888 ("A New Oratorio by Edgar Tinel Produced for the First Time in America," New York Times, March 19, 1893, 13).
From 1911 to 1930, his career was centred around Limburg where he founded the "Limburgsche Orgel- en Zang--school" (Limburg School for Organ and Singing) which was modelled on the Lemmens--insituut in Mechelen where he had studied and started his teaching career under Edgar Tinel.
Physical examination elicited a positive Tinel over the cubital tunnel; elbow flexion resulted in increased paraesthesia of the ring and little digits.
Entry criteria required each study participant to have two of the following five clinical findings present: positive results on the Phalen sign, (9) positive results on Tinel sign, (10) pain the median nerve distribution, sleep disturbances results from hand symptoms, and numbness of paresthesias in the median nerve distribution.