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Nikolaas, 1907-1988, joint winner of 1973 Nobel Prize for work related to social behavior.
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In chapters 3-7 Hauser adheres to Tinbergen's questions in reviewing animal communication.
The predictions made about BLH characters containing phylogenetic information (Lorenz 1958: Tinbergen 1959; Prum 1990; Brooks and McLennan 1991) have been supported.
Review of "Business Cycles in the United States of America, 1919--1932" by Jan Tinbergen, American Economic Review (September 1940), pp.
(13) An outstanding exception is Tinbergen who has consistently emphasised the importance of moral values in the economic calculus.
Nestling mass has a strong effect on local recruitment rate (Tinbergen and Boerlijst 1990) and is therefore an indication of the contribution to fitness of the brood.
The development of the gravity model known to physicists since Newton in economic thought was provided by Tinbergen (1962).
Al-Obaid has affirmed that history of the economic models date back to the 1930s, when the Dutch economist, Jan Tinbergen, drew up the first macroeconomic model, designed at the time to tackle an issue in the monetary policy -- whether a currency in a liberal economy should be devalued with aim of shoring up the economy.
van de Kraats, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Tinbergen Institute; Titus J.
As an academician, he taught Economics at the University of Lucknow before proceeding to the Netherlands, where Mitra got his doctorate in 1953 from University of Rotterdam (now The Netherlands School of Economics) under Jan Tinbergen (who later won the Nobel Prize).
Nobel laureate Jan Tinbergen had warned in the 1950s itself that 'the use of one policy instrument to achieve more than one objective will invariably end up in failure'.
(2) Erasmus School of Economics, Tinbergen Institute and ERIM, Erasmus University, The Netherlands.
Because of his work in estimating demand curves (Moore 1911, 1917), Moore is considered the pioneer in applying statistical method to economic research, while Frisch and Tinbergen were pioneers in formalizing the statistical approach in economics.