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The practice of wearing a tightly-laced corset to achieve extreme modifications of the figure and posture and/or experience the sensations of a very tight corset
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There is no torture about it, for tight lacing is out of fashion, and we have nice, sensible things nowadays.
When my father once stood on the lecturer's rostrum, and delivered his excellent discourse, called "Medical Hints to Maids and Mothers on Tight Lacing and Teething," the benches were left empty by the ungrateful women of England, who were not in the slightest degree anxious to feast their eyes on the sight of a learned adviser and respectable man.
It is worth saying that the entire website is loaded with different types of corsets such as waist trainers, tight lacing corsets, underbust corsets, overbust corsets, burlesque corsets, denim corsets, gothic corsets, steampunk corsets and corset dresses of various types.
Everyone craved an hourglass figure, and corsetry helped achieve that through tight lacing which hoiked in the waist, prompting concerns from doctors about the impact on women's health.
Tight lacing interferes with back muscles and long-term wear can cause serious malfunctions and damage to internal organs.
When glued to the foot side surface of the shoe tongue, along with tight lacing, the back and forth movement of the foot can be reduced.
It is all about providing you with the right corset for your needs, whether it's a tight lacing model, something for everyday wear, or the perfect centerpiece for a fancy evening out.
Tight lacing puts around 80lbs pressure per square inch on a woman's torso.
Both the padding and tight lacing stop the foot from sliding forward in the shoe.