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the large, 3 ft (1 m) high, 10 ft (3 m) long, yellow and black vertically striped cat. Called also Panthera tigris.

tiger heart
the striped and mottled myocardium of young cattle affected by a malignant form of foot-and-mouth disease.
tiger snake
tan to olive, with creamy yellow cross bands, venomous Australian snake. Envenomation is characterized by muscular weakness, flaccid paralysis, pupillary dilatation, restlessness, myoglobinuria, and a high serum creatine phosphokinase. Called also Notechis scutatus. Western tiger snake is called Notechis scutatus occidentalis.
tiger stripe
see reticulated leukotrichia.
tiger stripe colon
the striking lesion of parallel lines of hemorrhages and congestion in the colon of cattle with rinderpest, acute mucosal disease and bovine malignant catarrhal fever. Called also zebra marks.
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In the Tiger economies, the repercussions of last summer's turmoil continue to be felt.
And jobs at British firms may also be affected if UK exports to the so- called Tiger economies - estimated at pounds 11.
A 40% rise in lead costs has presented a challenge to manufacturers, domination of the global market by four companies, mergers and acquisitions has increased companies' market shares and imported batteries from Tiger economies are challenging European manufacturers.
Safety is boring, go for growth with the Tiger economies of the Pacific Rim or the new markets in eastern Europe.
The traditional tiger economies, characterized by economic growth, free market environment, developed industry and investment in health and health infrastructure have had a long haul back from the financial instability and economic downturn in the 1990's.
But according to one analyst, investors looking for growth should swallow their bravery pills and turn to the Tiger economies.