Tiger Country

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A popular phrase used by South Africans for an area of extreme complexity—e.g., classification of glomerulonephritides
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uk/whats-on/ynwa/ The Black-E Tiger Country The community arts centre next to Chinatown's impressive archway celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.
Because for Tiger Country I went and I hung out in hospitals, and I used other people's dramas.
Discharged from the British army after WW- II, Allen settled down with his widowed sister Babs on an estate by the river Denwa in the Satpura- Panchmari tiger country around the same time when Corbett sold the Gurney House and left for Kenya with his sister Maggie.
The Friends of Tiger Country--Central India (FTCCI) was launched by former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen in Nagpur, the gateway city to Tiger Country.
This message should spread to the whole country that this region, this country is a tiger country.
I heard on some documentary that if folk wandering in tiger country wear a face mask on the back of their head they are less likely to be attacked.
During her visit, Indian and Sri Lankan officials signed a defense agreement, under which New Delhi will help Colombo rebuild the military airfield at Jaffna, in the middle of Tamil Tiger country.