Tiger Balm

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A proprietary (Haw Par Healthcare, Singapore) herbal ointment applied topically for various conditions—e.g., burns, bruises, and rheumatic complaints
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Es i lawr at y cyfrifiadur i gwglo tiger balm. Oes, mae 'na fenthol a chamffor ynddo fo ond llwyth o bethau eraill hefyd, ac fel arfer, mae'n cael ei ddefnyddio ar gyfer poen y cyhyrau a'r esgyrn ac ati, fel Deep Heat, a'i fod "for external use only, should not be taken by mouth, and should not come in contact with your eyes or other sensitive areas."
Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub was developed to bring attention to and address this need," said Wellington Quan, general manager, American Market Division, Prince of Peace Enterprises, Inc.
Family man Fazlu (singer Mahmuduzzaman Babu) hawks tiger balm with the help of young son Ratan (Ratan).
Chapter Six traces the history of the world famous Wanjin you ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) or Tiger Balm products.
For instance, Steven [Drowne] and his mates rubbed tiger balm into Gary Bardwell's Yfronts while he was out .
Some, such as the Tiger Balm patch, contain the herbs camphor and oil of clove, which are absorbed through the skin.
* Products for muscle or joint pain--BenGay and Tiger Balm, for example.
Among the many architectural clips are Stevenage new town, the Tiger Balm Gardens, a 1964 travelogue about Romania, tours of Prague, London, Brighton, Benares and an unidentified French building.
Tiger Balm is offering two lucky readers, plus one guests each, the chance to win a 'behind the scenes VIP tiger tour' with one of the rangers from Woburn Safari Park - one of the UK's leading tourist attractions.
The newspaper was founded by Aw Boon Haw, who was well known for his Tiger Balm products in Southeast Asia, and first appeared as the Hongkong Tiger Standard on March 1, 1949.
shark-fins, dried squid, ginseng roots in jars, tiger balm.