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Tiffany, Tiffanie (UK)

a semi-longhaired version of the Burmese cat. It has a fine, silky coat in many colors.
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Tiffany also announced the appointment of Stephane de Palmas as General Manager of the new UAE retail operation.
Tiffany didn't have a dad who gardened or an uncle or grandmother who sang Spanish songs.
Tiffany studied art in New York and later in Paris.
What I've gone through was hell,'' Tiffany said in a recent interview.
Tiffany is (unrealistically) said to be only nine years old, but this should not deter older readers in any way: the satiric sense of humor is perfect for anyone who enjoys The Princess Bride and the works of Douglas Adams.
She recognized that in many ways Tiffany was isolated from both her Black and White peers and was truly an outsider within two disparate peer groups.
NEW YORK, July 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Tiffany & Co.
The store will have the broadest selection of Tiffany designs in Japan.
An exhibition of Tiffany archival designs, "American Themes: Selections From The Tiffany & Co.
Tianjin and Shenyang are well located, with robust economies, great natural beauty and a wealth of historical treasures," said Darren Chen, Tiffany & Co.
Chaney and Wallace Steiner, Tiffany Vice President, Central Region.
With its luxury shopping, fine restaurants and thriving business and residential community, Bologna is a natural setting for a TIFFANY & CO.