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Tiffany, Tiffanie (UK)

a semi-longhaired version of the Burmese cat. It has a fine, silky coat in many colors.
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Even though Plein admitted that he did not personally invite Tiffany to his first show, he said everyone was welcome to come to his fashion show as long as they want to and they are interested.
In a statement on Thursday, Tiffany said that these rings are not in fact Tiffany rings, nor are they manufactured by, approved by, licensed by or otherwise in any way properly associated with Tiffany.
We now know that there are hundreds if not thousands of Costco members who think they bought a Tiffany engagement ring at Costco, which they didn't," Jeffrey Mitchell, a lawyer for Tiffany, said in a statement.
After school that day, Tiffany walked to the library for Story Hour.
Una lampara Tiffany original se ha vendido hasta en dos millones de dolares en subastas.
Tiffany's Legacy collection is available at all Tiffany & Co boutiques in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
At a joint meeting of the Canadian Foundry Association and the American Foundry Association in Hamilton in September, John Tiffany received a bronze statue of a man pouring iron.
Tiffany studied art in New York and later in Paris.
Tiffany is (unrealistically) said to be only nine years old, but this should not deter older readers in any way: the satiric sense of humor is perfect for anyone who enjoys The Princess Bride and the works of Douglas Adams.
Tiffany sells merchandise under manufacturers' brand names, its own brand names, and designer collection names.
Tiffany scheduled an appointment with her counselor to request removal from two AP courses, citing preparation for the statewide gymnastics competition as the reason.