Tietze's syndrome

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Tietze's syndrome

idiopathic painful nonsuppurative swellings of one or more costal cartilages, especially of the second rib; the anterior chest pain may mimic that of coronary artery disease. The condition may persist for years.

Tietze's syndrome

(tē′tsēz) or

Tietze syndrome

Inflammation of the cartilage of the rib cage, causing pain in the chest similar to angina pectoris.

Tietze's syndrome

Persistent inflammation of the cartilages between the ribs and the breastbone causing pain and tenderness in the front of the chest wall, made worse by movement. There may be a tender lump at the site of the pain. The condition is treated with painkilling (ANALGESIC) drugs and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and passes off after a few months. (Alexander Tietze, 1864–1927, German surgeon).

Patient discussion about Tietze's syndrome

Q. how long dose costochondritis last

A. a friend of mine who had the disease saw an improvement within a few weeks, and it resolved completely within a few months,but his doctor said there are patients in whom this problem persists for some time. All symptoms of pain should resolve within six months.

Q. I was in the ER because of a chest pain and the doctor there said its costochondritis. What does it mean? I am a 42 years old man. Last night i went to the ER because of a chest pain. The doctors there did many test and in the end they said its costochondritis. What does it mean? Can someone elaborate about the risk factors that can cause this symptom?

A. It seems that you are suffering from a traumatic injury to the skeleton that is near the heart which is called costochondritis. It can be a result of a simple trauma to the area or (as in my case, I am a rower) due to repetitive use of the muscles of the thorax and arms

Q. What is the differential diagnosis of chest pain in a 35 year old woman? I am a 35 years old woman. I suffer from chest pain for about 24 hours. I just came back from a trip to Europe, and i feel really bad. I smoke and I take anti contraceptive and i know that I am at a risk for pulmonary embolism or costochondritis. Cat it be something else?

A. The differential diagnosis of chest pain is very wide.
It can start in costochondritis if u carried a lot of luggage or might be pulmonary embolism if you didn't move from the chair all the flight. But it can also be a sign for an acute coronary syndrome (even at the age of 35) or a pericarditis. To be sure you need to consult with your GP.

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