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Alexander, German surgeon, 1864-1927. See: Tietze syndrome.
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Tietze Foundation, the National Science Foundation (1728239, 1450681 and 1250104), the National Institutes of Health (F31HL134295, DP2HL137188, T32EB001650, T32GM095421 and DP5OD019876) and the Gulf Coast Consortia.
The physical examination in a person with asthma is often normal (Tietze, 2017).
Researchers (Adshead & Guthrie, 2015; Wilhelm & Tietze, 2016) show that attachment patterns influence the relationships with healthcare professionals (i.e., doctors) and if they are missing or deficient they lead to weaker adherence and illness management.
Not pictured: Molly Schoen, Charolais Journal, Sec'y-Treasurer; Eric Tietze, Ozarks Farm and Neighbor; Ben Richey, U.S.
As a result, nutrient supply in the euphotic zone is reduced which leads to dwindling phytoplankton productivity and an increase in water transparency in deep lakes such as lakes Tanganyika and Kivu (Plisnier, 2000; O'Reilly et al., 2003; Verburg et al., 2003; Lorke, Tietze, Halbwachs, & Wuest, 2004) whereas in the shallow Lake Victoria, an increase in productivity has been observed since the lake does not stratify (Hecky et al., 1994).
However, the quality of ECE provider depend very much on culture of a country and ECE system established (Cryer, Tietze, and Wessels, 2002).
McBride, S., Tietze, M., Robichaux, C., Stokes, L., & Weber, E.
In both studies the educational quality was examined using a standardized observation scale, "Hort- und Ganztagsangebote-Skala" (HUGS), which is a German adaptation by Tietze, Ro[beta]bach, Stendel, and Wellner (2005) of the standardized instrument School- Age Care Environment Rating Scale (SACERS) (Harms, Jacobs, & White, 1996).
Urysohn's lemma and Tietze extension theorem of an strongly pairwise neutrosophic [G.sub.[delta]]-[alpha]-locally normally ordered space are studied and established.
2005) and is considered essential for the construction of organizational realities (Piekkari and Tietze 2011).
The diseases which cause pain or swelling in the same region such as pyogenic abscess, rheumatic diseases, degenerative arthritis, Tietze's syndrome, and osteonecrosis of the medial clavicle should be considered in the differential diagnosis.