Storm Surge

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An abnormal rise in sea level accompanying a hurricane, tropical cyclone or other storm over water
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The tidal surge at Saltburn pier, and left, the promenade IAN COOPER
A year ago, there were no formal flood defences in Warkworth and a number of residents suffered from flooding during the tidal surge that hit the North East coast on December 5, 2013.
Mr Bell, whose house is on slightly raised ground, added: "There was a huge tidal surge on December 5.
FEROCIOUS gales and a huge tidal surge sent giant waves smashing into Britain's coast yesterday.
THOUSANDS of people were returning to their homes today after the most serious tidal surge in 60 years hit the east coast of Britain.
The Environment Agency (EA), which described the tidal surge as "the most serious" for more than 60 years, said yesterday there was "a vastly improving picture" as flood waters receded in many areas.
Thousands of people have been told to prepare for more flooding as the worst tidal surge for decades looks set to continue on coastal towns.
British authorities evacuated thousands of people from coastal towns in Britain after a huge storm lashing northern Europe unleashed the worst tidal surge in 60 years, officials said Friday.
The damage incurred by the huge tidal surge could have been much worse, said Aaron Ellis, a spokesman for the American Association of Port Authorities.
Summary: 20 tourists and security guards have been injured after huge waves caused by a tidal surge in China caught spectators unaware.
A tidal surge and strong south to south-easterly winds are predicted in the Cork area.
A cyclone has hit the western coast of Myanmar from the Bay of Bengal, sparking fears that it could trigger a tidal surge of up to nearly four metres in some towns on the coast.