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He's living in Arroyo Grande and ``happily enjoying his retirement there with a female Tibetan terrier,'' Murray said.
Tibetan terriers can be stricken with a neurological disease known as neuronal ceroid-lipofuscinosis (NCL), a condition which has a human equivalent called Batten disease.
Our shaggy little Tibetan terrier Archie has always had a Christmas stocking until last year - when it got too small for all his presents.
A gorgeous 11-week-old Tibetan terrier puppy called Ozzie.
Among those taking part this year are TV presenter Phillipa Tomson with her Tibetan Terrier BG, as well as a pair of police dogs.
Last year, a Tibetan Terrier named Willy scooped the Best in Show title.
TIBETAN terrier Willy won Best in Show at Crufts last year and there'll be a pack of new contenders aiming to be top dog when the world's largest dog show returns to the NEC next week.
Willy the Tibetan terrier with handler Larry Cornelius was named Best in Show at last year's Crufts.
Housing bosses said they realised the five-year-old Tibetan terrier was crucial to her well-being.
Margaret Wildman, from Aintree Lodge, Croxteth, with her dog Scaramooch Picture: JASON ROBERTS; Ricky Tomlinson, from the Royle Family, visits Crufts to sign the book, Star Dogs Picture: steve dyson; Ron Ramsay with Mike, a former champion; Willy, a Tibetan Terrier - named Best in Showlast night Picture: ANTHONY DEVLIN; Chip, a one-year-old poodle-collie cross, sits in his cage, waiting for his turn before the judges at Crufts; Elise Lindsay, Coleen McLoughlin's personal trainer, in a keep fit class
Near the door, an Australian cattle dog gets fed treats for doing tricks, while a Tibetan terrier ``pawtographs'' - using an ink pad - books that youngsters have finished reading.