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His recent findings also indicate that the tiang migrate between the Nile River and the vast plains in the Jonglei area.
Comparing Gogos's model with the experimental results, Bellehumeur and Tiang (6) observed a good accord.
Pengaruh Elektrokinetik terhadap Daya Dukung Pondasi Tiang di Lempung Marina, Civil Engineering Dimension, Vol.
Jwala Gutta and Ashwini Ponappa also moved into the final with a 12- 21, 21- 13, 21- 11 win over Kate Wilson Smith and He Ting Tiang of Australia.
saltator, like the antarctic amphipod Orchomene plebs (Meyer-Rochow and Tiang, 1979) adapts its visual system to the light conditions.
Fahd Abdurrahman Balghunym received here today Deputy President of the Command Team for agricultural affairs in China Tiang Cheng.
From left are Johnny Suire, director of Holden Public Access Television; Jen Stanovich, executive director of the Holden Area Chamber of Commerce; Thomas Wong and Joanne Wong, owners of Wong Dynasty in Holden; and Wong Dynasty chef Kevin Tiang.
3 million kob, tiang antelope and mongalla gazelle were once again running around Boma.
Higgins, who faces Marco Fu or Chinese qualifier Tiang Pengfei in the second round tomorrow, said: "It wasn't looking good at 4-0 so I'm very pleased to have got through.
Kenny Poh, 43, and his brother Tiang Poh, 50, were last week cleared of immigration offences when the prosecution offered no evidence against them.
It also needs a woman aged over 35 to play head wife Lady Tiang.