thymol blue

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thy·mol blue

[C.I. 52025]
a dye used as an acid-base indicator, with a pK value at 1.7 and another at 8.9; red at pH values below 1.2, yellow between 2.8 and 8, and blue above 9.6.
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Methyl Thymol Blue gives two step reduction wave in Britton Robinson Buffer at pH = 5.8.
A 1% solution of thymol blue in DMF was added as indicator and a known excess of ethanolic KOH (0.05N)) was added, resulting in a blue solution.
A small portion of a solution of the sulfonated polymer (5 wt % in xylenes with 1-2% (v/v) n-hexanol as polar cosolvent) was then titrated to a thymol blue endpoint using 0.05N methanolic KOH.