Phillips, U.S. ophthalmologist, *1903. See: Thygeson disease.
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Researchers who study medical homes have drawn attention to variation in their form across settings, which allows medical homes to adapt to particular patients and their needs, but also makes it more difficult to identify exactly what is, or is not, working (Cassidy 2010; Thygeson et al.
Other works on display are by Victoria Biedron, Heather Halpern, Yunie LeNoue, Renee Manford, Kate McGee, Cathy Meyer, Margaret Plumb, Margaret Prentice, Sue Rosado, Fran Ross, Sally Schwader and Mara Thygeson.
Smith and his wife Jacqueline of West Roxbury; ten grandchildren, Jennifer Buffone, Joshua Smith, Joseph Metivier, Meghan Smith, Jessie Metivier, Lauren Metivier, Kristy Smith, Daniel Smith, Thygeson Smith and Shannon Dyer; one great-grandchild, Tiana Smith; many nephews and nieces.
In meetings with other principals using mVal in his region, Thygeson says he has heard colleagues remark, "I almost feel guilty that it takes me that much less time to do my observations.
Thygeson, Why Are the Decisions Under the Fellow-Servant Doctrine So Vacillating and Contradictory?
Peter Thygeson beat Lee Rudd (+25) 150-104 at billiards, and Liam Clark beat Collier (+5) 63-33 to give Sams a 5-0 lead.
Other HealthPartners leaders contributed to the book, including Marcus Thygeson, MD, Jason Gallagher, director, Health Informatics, and Calvin Allen, senior vice president, Human Resources and Corporate Strategic Planning.
See watercolor landscapes by Mara Thygeson through April 1 at The Vintage, 839 Lincoln St.
They travelled to Guisborough Quoit, and thanks to Tommy Clark and Liam Clark winning a point each at snooker, and Peter Thygeson winning at billiards, they came away as 4-2 winners.
adding, "In fact, the prestigious Thygeson Lecturer this year, Dr.