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thumb sucking

The habit of sucking one's thumb. Intermittent thumb sucking is not abnormal, but prolonged and intensive thumb sucking past the time the first permanent teeth erupt at 5 or 6 years of age can lead to a misshapen mouth and displaced teeth. If the habit persists, combined dental and psychological therapy should be instituted.
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Q. What does thumb or finger sucking mean in ADULTS? People watch the unusual behavior of a person and decide their disorder. I strongly agree, but here is a critical question for you all. What does thumb or finger sucking mean in ADULTS?

A. It’s not a show to enjoy and laugh! It means that whomever you are talking about needs to see a psychologist. I am not joking. Things we are supposed to out-grow but don't, i.e. thumb sucking, imaginary friends or bed wetting, can represent serious problems or mental blocks.

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Beneath the boredom and the glory, there is always the horror, a thumbsucking atrocity perpetrated on a child and writ large ever after to the point of ineffability.
Nail-biting is the most common of the typical "nervous habits," which include thumbsucking, nose-picking, hairtwisting or pulling, teethgrinding, and picking at skin.
Parents need to pay careful attention to any regressions in behavior such as bedwetting, thumbsucking, baby talking, and/or excessive temper tantrums.
While we patch away smoking, let's tackle further bad habits - nail biting, thumbsucking, boozing.
In Thumbsucker, adapted from a novel by Walter Kirn, Audrey is almost as emotionally adrift as her son Justin, who is clinging onto the childhood comfort of thumbsucking to soothe his fears.
Years of thumbsucking have left Justin requiring frequent visits to orthodonist Dr.
Once the sequels are complete, he will make the Meyers comedy and Thumbsucker - an independent adaptation of a Walter Kirn novel directed by Mike Mills about an orally-fixated man whose thumbsucking habit is cured through hypnosis.
The mood is relaxed as he sprinkles humor into a give-and-take discussion that ultimately covers communication, weaning, pacifiers, thumbsucking, nutrition, vitamin supplementation, baby-sitters, the importance of storybooks and songs, parental relationships, parent fatigue, junk food, punishment and reward, temper tantrums, discipline without anger, television, object permanence, falls, poisoning, burns, drowning, choking, guns in the home, and constipation.
Thumbsucking, on the other hand, has not been shown to produce this same pathophysiological mechanism, and studies have not supported its relationship to AOM (Niemela et al., 1995).
They also need instructions on how to stop or prevent habits that could be detrimental to proper growth and development, such as thumbsucking and tongue-thrusting.