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(rē-zis'tŏr, -tōr),
An element included in an electric circuit to provide resistance to the flow of current.
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This system combination comprises the TH Series (Thru-Hole load cell) and the TM0-1 (a 12 V dc powered amplifier/conditioner module).
Designed for fast, automated installation on PC boards as thin as 0.060 in., ReelFast SMT spacers/nuts are available in sizes #4-40 through #8-32 and M3 through M4, with thru-hole types in sizes 0.116- and 0.143-in.
This product line offers retracting clamps, edge clamps, thru-hole hydraulic cylinders, rotary unions and collet chucks, as well as a full selection of work supports.
For service part production, Phoenix said it has thru-hole as well as surface-mount PCB manufacturing and final assembly capabilities for products from displays to controllers, as well as electromechanical assemblies.
Designed for thru-hole applications such as bolt force measurements and overload monitoring, the TH series force sensors are compression only and available in sizes 1-, 1.5-, 2- and 3-in.
For desktop computers the offering includes the GFP70N03 in a thru-hole TO220 and GFB70N03 in a surface mount TO-263.
The MXF702 antenna is surface mounted with a single thru-hole installation.
* Multiple termination methods, including wires, surface mount, thru-hole, panel mount, and duckbill--wired assemblies can be customized.
Renco Electronics has announced the release of its latest Thru-Hole AC Line Filter, the RL-9750 Series.
* Full turn-key assembly, thru-hole or SMT pick and place
For harder-to-process applications and materials, the High-Performance 5000 Series includes an embedded brass heater for optimized heat transfer with engineering-grade materials, and a thru-hole tip sub-assembly that promises superior wear resistance.