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1. in the restraint of horses and cows, to cast (2) them.
2. when tying a knot, the action of making a loop and passing it (as if throwing a lariat) around an object, which may be a cow's tail or, more commonly, the suture material which has already been placed to commence a knot.

Patient discussion about throw

Q. my friend recently told me that she throws up from time to time and it helps her balance her weight I told her I think that’s what bulimic girls do, but she insisted that it wasn’t something she can’t control or that comes after eating bursts (which she doesn’t have). It still seems wrong to me, but I would like to hear other’s opinions.

A. bolimic girls try to avoid eating. then they get so frustrated that they eat like crazy and then feel guilty and threw ups. it's a bad condition that needs to and can be treated.

Q. Last week my younger son Frank, was punished in school because of kicking and throwing things at students... This is Donald, Last week my younger son Frank, was punished in school because of kicking and throwing things at teacher and on a few students. I don’t know why he behaved like that. I got tensed when I heard about this. What to do with him?

A. Well I think it depends whether or not this is a constant behaviour by your son, or it was only a one time event that he had an explanation for. If he tends to get angry and use violence a lot, you should take action, and let him know this is not acceptable by any means. Counsling might work best. If this was a one time thing, you should let your son know this should not happen again, and try preventing him from day to day activities such as meeting friends or using the computer if this happens again.

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But at the end of Throw Down Your Heart, we're left to wonder how, in America, this African instrument eventually became the emblem of the virtually all-white country music culture.
When the manic Black tells nonbelievers ``I serve society by rocking,'' it is both a manifesto and a challenge to all those within earshot to throw down their hang-ups and get the Led out.
16, 1998--Tera Computer Company wanted to throw down the gauntlet to the supercomputer industry with its Gigaflop Crash Challenge.
We started off slow, just trying to throw down regular one-handed dunks, and then someone went between their legs with the ball and dunked one and everybody got excited and started high-fiving each other,'' Goldman said.
Most importantly, as a Jew, allow me to be the first to throw down the gauntlet to ``my fellow lonsmen'' by saying how absolutely appalled I was to see a Jewish neighborhood in the Valley use the specter of racism and political correctness purely for NIMBY purposes by blocking the light rail that could have been built for the Valley years ago.
Just going to have to suck it up, take it on the chin, let them celebrate, throw down the confetti and take care of (them) when they come to L.
We sold more up there, but even then we had problems with cholos who would steal our money, who would throw down our corn and stomp down on it.