cough drop

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cough drop

A small, often medicated and sweetened lozenge taken orally to ease coughing or soothe a sore throat.

Patient discussion about cough drop

Q. can you take cough drops while your pregnant

A. there are many kinds of cough syrups/drops/pills. and all of them contains different materials, some have codeine in it and that is not a good choice during pregnancy. but the best thing to do is ask the pharmacist that sells the medicine. their job is to know those things. you can also read the pamphlet that comes with the medicine.

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Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a meeting with Deep Throat Lozenge to discuss the Katie Holmes issue
Verdict: More effective throat lozenge formulations often include compounds which are topical anaesthetics and antiseptics - so if you have a really severe sore throat, it's worth paying more or checking for added ingredients that ease the pain.
Former Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell and drummer Vinnie Paul are joined by bassist Bobzilla (no, honestly that's his name) and vocalist Patrick Lachman a man desperately in need of throat lozenge.
For example, about 92% of consumers are familiar with Sucrets, the throat lozenge brand, and eight in 10 know Anacin, the pain reliever.
IPC), has acquired the Sucrets throat lozenge line from SmithKline Beecham PLC.
At one stage during his eight- day fight for life, he was treated with a throat lozenge.
The High Court heard startling evidence about the bungled treatment of the stabbed teenager - including being given a throat lozenge when he was desperately ill with blood poisoning.
But instead of the correct antibiotics, doctors treated the schoolboy by giving him a throat lozenge.
I was begging that someone would give Michael Bolton a throat lozenge.
The company, which first became a partner of Town in 2009, has also completed Covonia sampling over the winter months of the season, providing supporters with free throat lozenges.
The Mondelez International brand said Halls Kids Pops, for children age 5 and older, combines cough and sore throat lozenges with a dietary supplement in a tasty pop.
A good option is Fisherman's Friend, the tried and tested throat lozenges which can provide instant relief to throat troubles.