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An aldotetrose; one of the two aldoses (the other is erythrose) containing four carbon atoms.
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Instead of those sugars, each XNA has a different molecule in its backbone: A five-carbon sugar called arabinose in ANA, the ringed structure anhydrohexitol in HNA, and threose, a four-carbon sugar in TNA.
Earlier work showed that TNA can pair up with DNA and RNA, and TNA's four-carbon sugar threose is a simpler molecule than the five-carbon sugars found in DNA and RNA.
Working with colleagues at the University of Nottingham, they have made the first step towards showing how simple sugars -- threose and erythrose -- developed.
Threose, a metabolite of ascorbic acid, increases the AGE content of articular cartilage in vitro (34).
One called TNA replaces RNA's ribose sugar with a sugar called threose.