Lane System

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A format of applied kinesiology which synthesises dowsing, aura, chi balancing, vitamin & mineral supplements. The system was concocted by massage therapist/'bioenergy consultant' Robert J. Lane, who has a BA in psychology
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Moreover, it can obtain an image in any posture, provide vertebra rotation and muscle-related information, and form a 3D spinal model for the three-dimensional analysis of spinal deformity.
Three-dimensional analysis of tooth movements after palatal miniscrew-supported molar distalization.
The center has 12 motion capture cameras with three-dimensional analysis; four in-floor force sensor plates; and electromyography, which provides measurement of 16 different muscles.
Unlike traditional testing methods, CDx's WATS3D test collects a wide-area tissue sample of the entire thickness of the lining of the esophagus, which is then subjected to specialized, computer-assisted, three-dimensional analysis that pinpoints precancerous cells.
Next, the bleb wall was subjected to three-dimensional analysis. First, 27 imaging slices were automatically selected from all images of the horizontal raster (256 scans; one of every eight slices was thus chosen) using built-in software.
3D Signatures Inc (TSX VENTURE: DXD), a novel personalised medicine company with a proprietary software platform based on the three-dimensional analysis of a patient's individual chromosomal arrangement, has named Jason Flowerday, BSc, MBA as its new CEO, it was reported yesterday.
The authors have organized the twelve chapters that make up the main bulk of their text in two parts devoted to the three-dimensional analysis of rectangular plates made of functionally graded materials and the vibration tailoring of inhomogenous beams and circular plates.
Optimization of unilateral molar rotation correction by a transpalatal bar: a three-dimensional analysis using the finite element method.
Three-dimensional analysis of Azzouz & Baligh was among the first works has been proposed based on the limit equilibrium method [2, 3].

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