Three Rs

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Malpractice Recognise, Respond, Resolve. A term coined by Copic Insurance in Colorado, which provides medical malpractice coverage to doctors and health professionals as part of promoting open disclosure about medical errors
Managed care—US Request, Render, Report. A trilogy of factors that must be met before a patient can be billed for a consultation from a physician other than the primary care provider: the ordering physician must Request the consultation, the consultant must Render a medical opinion, and issue a written Report
Research Reduce, Refine, Replace. A research philosophy first articulated in 1959 by British scientists W.M.S. Russell and R.L. Burch, who linked scientific excellence to the humane and efficient use of laboratory animals, a philosophy now known as 'alternatives'
Vox populi Reading, wRiting, ‘ aRithmetic This is the original phrase which inspired the many other 'three Rs.' It referred to the core components of an elementary school education in America
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Effective utilisation of the three Rs can highly supplement the country's fertiliser requirements.Wastes from processing plantsCoffee: It comes from harvesting the cherries, which are mainly processed by wet fermentation to obtain the parchment coffee (dried beans covered by paper-like coating).
It's already started to happen, and as the technology becomes less expensive and more common, the three Rs will become a normal part of our everyday lives, just like the smartphone did a decade ago.
Embrace the three Rs Your kids will probably learn about the three Rs in school: reduce, reuse, recycle.
"That's why we have raised the bar on what counts as a good enough standard in the three Rs for our children by the end of primary school."
Nationally, the figures suggested the proportion of primaries failing to give their pupils a good grounding in the three Rs remained static this year, despite schools facing tougher government targets.
Cardiff Bay's Alaric Bates and Iwan Roberts were the first of the three RS Feva XLs.
They said that achievement had fallen significantly in the three Rs and pupils make poor progress, especially in writing.
We have teamed up with Totally Bound Publishing so that five lucky winners will win a Kindle and 100 runners-up will win a free download of Ashe Barker's new The Three Rs, one of the first titles from its brand new sizzling imprint, What's Her Secret?
IMPORTANTLY stick to the three Rs: rest, relax, recover.
I went to school from 1938 to 1947 and I was caned a few times, so I wasn't just taught the three Rs but I learned what discipline was.
It used to be the teaching of the three Rs that was considered the foundation of a good school education, but the poll found that today most people would prefer the four Rs - reading, writing, arithmetic and respect, the Telegraph reported.
Wherever possible the use of animals is avoided and alternative methods employed." He said that it was guided by the "Three Rs" principle which sought to replace animals where possible, reduce the numbers of animals used to a minimum and refining experiments to minimise suffering.

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