Three Piece Suit

A popular term for a business person/administrator in the health care industry, including ‘medicrats’ (MD/MPHs)—i.e., physicians with a master's degree in public health—pharmaceutical representatives, and financial officers
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I wish him well - and I also think it's great to see 'little Sam', former Liverpool star Sammy Lee, resplendent in his three piece suit, back on the England beat.
A necktie and an old cloth cap, and three piece suit he'd don.
html) recently revealed on Twitter that Mike will be seen wearing his first three piece suit in the first episode of season four.
The 6'4" all-rounder's range features wardrobe staples such as jeans, cargo trousers, casual jackets and a classic three piece suit.
Abhishek, who won the GQ Man of the Year award, came in a rarely attempted three piece suit.
The music business is the worst offender, so imagine my delight on seeing how well warbler Phil Collins was turned out for his daughter Joely's wedding: nicely-cut, dark three piece suit, white shirt and beautiful salmon-coloured silk tie and button-hole.
Kuchta divides his Three Piece Suit into three chronological parts.
At Newry, Coleraine manager Marty Quinn wore a three piece suit with a Wall Street smile, as his side kept him in a job with a 2-0 win over the home side.
Dressed in a smart three piece suit, Vinnie kept an eye on the Leicester action from the comfort of a VIP enclosure at the course.
This ex-employee of Pearson & Specter will be seen wearing a three piece suit in the new season.
The French fashion house also photographed the legendary Olympian fully clothed-in a three piece suit, no less.
Peggy, left, wears: Ann Balcon lilac three piece suit, pounds 450.