Three Glass Test

A crude clinical test in which the urinary stream in collected in succession in 3 different 3-ounce/75-ml receptacles
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The yeomen separated the incensed priests, who continued to raise their voices, vituperating each other in bad Latin, which the Prior delivered the more fluently, and the Hermit with the greater vehemence.
Indeed, though Indians are generally very lofty, rhetorical, and figurative in their language at all great talks, and high ceremonials, yet, if trappers and traders may be believed, they are the most unsavory vagabonds in their ordinary colloquies; they make no hesitation to call a spade a spade; and when they once undertake to call hard names, the famous pot and kettle, of vituperating memory, are not to be compared with them for scurrility of epithet.
A precision pressure gauge, a control thermometer with protective sleeve, three tapered discharge tubes, and three glass test beakers are standard accessories.