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n one's interest in land or other property.
estate planning,
n a detailed, written-out plan (usually arrived at with the advice of estate counselors) in which all the financial affairs of the dental professional are clearly stated and provisions are made for alterations when changing conditions warrant it.
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Deputy Broughan said: "Industry sources have informed me that the pyrite problem may affect far more householders and infrastructure works than the three estates identified so far.
These actions allowed the king to claim the middle ground, as one who ruled, or sought to rule, as one of the three estates.
In this instance the solution I wish to propose is of particular interest in that if I am correct, this riddle is an early (and perhaps the earliest known) text referring to an important medieval social ideal, the theme of the three estates.
Eighty children from three estates in Kings Norton prepared for the three-day half-term treat with the help of Howzat
Older residents in the three estates overwhelmingly support the police initiative.
1385), owes much to Ovid; it is essentially a homily, being in part a criticism of the three estates of society, in part an elegy for a prince.
It comes as no surprise to discover, then, that Langland's poem accords especial respect to the social Trinity of the three estates.
We approached solicitation differently for the three estates.
On May 5, 1789, the States - General (the assembly of the three Estates of the Realm) was convoked by Louis
ALI will roll out three estates this year-the 200-hectare Evo City in Kawit, Cavite, the 25-hectare Azuela Cove in Davao, and the 35-hectare joint venture project with the LT Group within Pasig and Quezon City.
Akin Gump, together with financial advisors to the three failed bank estates, led the consultation process with the Icelandic government that paved the way for the successful restructurings of the three estates pursuant to Icelandic law composition agreements.

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