Threat Levels

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A ballistic vest rating system which is used to determine the amount of protection provided against bullets with various masses and exit velocities
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There are five threat levels, decided by the JTAC, designed to give a broad indication of the likelihood of a terrorist attack.
The new system will be introduced later this year, subject to community consultation, with the new threat levels to be: certain, expected, probable, possible and not expected, which Abbott said would be much easier for the public to understand.
The investigation is ongoing and her likely place of exposure is still unclear, so changes to the threat levels in the area are pending those findings, according to the DPH.
It also provides resistance to low and medium grade forced-entry threat levels.
Threat levels for specific national infrastructure sectors are not normally made public.
It is second on a scale of five threat levels only to "critical", which means an attack is "imminent".
The broker, which has a large operation in Birmingham, has launched its 2007 Terrorism Threat Map which indicates current threat levels around the world.
The uk has five security threat levels which are designed to give a broad indication of the likelihood of a terrorist attack.
Shadow Home Secretary David Davis said: "We welcome this new public system of alert and threat levels."
TERRORIST threat levels are to be made publicly available for the first time.

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