Thousand Yard Stare

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A unfocussed, dazed look seen in a person who has suffered severe acute psychological distress and is coping with that stress through dissociation from the event and the ‘players’
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I don't have the ashen pallor or thousand-yard stare yet anyway.
Little wonder that while Bilic retreated into a thousand-yard stare, Jurgen Klopp (below) shadow boxed in celebration.
It was from the shoulders up and they were staring out over the distance like a thousand-yard stare," Shepard recalls.
One is a hardened soldier who speaks matter-of-factly of death and poverty from behind a thousand-yard stare.
Many of the Marines in Hue were taking on the thousand-yard stare.
His biceps are thick, his face is covered in rough stubble, and his baby blues are fixed in the thousand-yard stare of a man who has seen some terrible things.
A few sit by themselves and drink coffee - keeping watch with the thousand-yard stare.
Assuming Vettel doesn't discover that someone has accidentally tossed his new wing on the barbie overnight, which may only be a singlefigure price given the thousand-yard stare of Webber afterwards, he'd better hope he gets away well this afternoon or we could be looking at a serious fight in Copse Corner.
of the thousand-yard stare, they gratified him in real time.