Thousand Yard Stare

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A unfocussed, dazed look seen in a person who has suffered severe acute psychological distress and is coping with that stress through dissociation from the event and the ‘players’
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If they were awake during the Sri Lankan innings, they just gave the zoom lens a thousand-yard stare.
Instead, Neville stood behind a barrier near the corporate seats at Wembley, the fidgeting with his hands and thousand-yard stare betraying the nerves.
Wilko's thousand-yard stare, robotic strut and machine-gun style choppy guitar work puts him in a class of one.
The thousand-yard stare on the face of Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy in the Royal Box said it all as Herrera wheeled away to celebrate becoming United's unlikely match-winner in the 62nd minute.
I don't have the ashen pallor or thousand-yard stare yet anyway.
The Croatian had more than a hint of a 'thousand-yard stare' about him during the warm-up and, on Halloween weekend, it was perhaps perfectly acceptable to fear the prospect of facing the in-form beast that is Laurent Depoitre.
"It was from the shoulders up and they were staring out over the distance like a thousand-yard stare," Shepard recalls.
At the end of the day I had the thousand-yard stare, and moderate to severe levels of reduced cognition.
Indeed, Dunn became a master ofportraying what would later become known as the thousand-yard stare, and thus providing an artistic record of one of the war's most famous coinages: shell shock.
One is a hardened soldier who speaks matter-of-factly of death and poverty from behind a thousand-yard stare.
Instead, she looked blankly into the distance, what psychologists call "the thousand-yard stare".