Thousand Yard Stare

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A unfocussed, dazed look seen in a person who has suffered severe acute psychological distress and is coping with that stress through dissociation from the event and the ‘players’
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By the time we moved out to a council house, that cat had the thousand yard stare of a Vietnam veteran who'd seen too much action.
Hamilton-Paterson said: "I suspect a lot of pilots who had done a long tour and had that thousand yard stare wouldn't have got into the air without a good deal of whisky inside them.
The mix of blunt Brummie brogues, wielding of the deadliest hats since Oddjob's in Goldfinger and Tommy's thousand yard stare have created a cult following and prompted creative types to produce merchandise inspired by the show.
On stage, James' thousand yard stare is legendary among fans (though he always breaks into a broad smile between songs).
She's like a woman possessed, with a thousand yard stare that could make Clint Eastwood turn tail and run.
That thousand yard stare you get from him - with Tone's eyes you don't know what the hell is going on and that's so exciting.
The 12-yard spot in Sao Paulo might have fazed him, but Vlaar is probably the only person at Villa (with the possible exception of Christian Benteke) who won't be intimidated by Keane's thousand yard stare.
Steve's dead eyes - miles past a thousand yard stare - don't take in the damage he's doing with his wonky fringes and monk-like crops.
Fearing for my safety but maintaining a sense of calm, I quickened my pace slightly and adopted a thousand yard stare in a bid not to confront the reality of the situation.