Gustavus Ludwig. See: Tornwaldt.
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(Thornwaldt), Gustavus Ludwig, German physician, 1843-1910.
Tornwaldt abscess - chronic infection of the pharyngeal bursa.
Tornwaldt cyst - a cystic notochordal remnant found inconstantly in the posterior wall of the nasopharynx at the lower end of the pharyngeal tonsil. Synonym(s): pharyngeal bursa
Tornwaldt disease - inflammation or obstruction of the pharyngeal bursa or an adenoid cleft with the formation of a cyst containing pus.
Tornwaldt syndrome - nasopharyngeal discharge, occipital headache, and stiffness of posterior cervical muscles, with halitosis due to chronic infection of the pharyngeal bursa.
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If the opening through which the bursa drains into the nasopharynx becomes obstructed, a Thornwaldt's cyst (TC) might develop.
Keywords: Thornwaldt's cyst, Hearing loss, Endoscopy.
So it was a Thornwaldt's cyst opened due to the impact of coconut fall over the head.
Thornwaldt's bursa or nasopharyngeal bursa is a recess in the midline of posterosuperior wall of nasopharynx, formed from notochordal remnant.
Thornwaldt cysts represent benign congenital lesions that arise in the midline of the nasopharynx, seen in approximately 0.2% to 5% of the population on MRI studies.
The differential diagnosis of a nasopharyngeal cyst, clinically and by imaging, should include Thornwaldt cyst, abscess, sphenoid sinus mucocele, choanal polyp, encephalocele, and benign mixed tumor.
INTRODUCTION: Thornwaldt's cyst also known as pharyngeal bursa, is a rare midline cyst found in the nasopharynx.
The differential diagnosis of choanal polyp includes hypertrophied adenoid, angiofibroma, Thornwaldt cyst, pituitary tumor, lymphoma, and carcinoma.
(2) It has been spelled Thornwaldt in some publications, (3-6) but Tornwaldt is correct.
Tornwaldt's cysts (sometimes called Thornwaldt's cysts) develop as a result of abnormal embryologic development at the posterior wall of the nasopharynx.
Differential diagnoses include antrochoanal polyp, hypertrophied adenoids, thornwaldt's s cyst, pituitary tumor, lymphoma, and carcinoma.
(9) Mucosa of nasopharynx is composed of epithelium, lymphoid tissue and accessory salivary glands therefore d/d include rathke's pouch, pharyngeal bursa, teratoma, meningocele, abscess, meningocele, ac polyp, mucocele of sphenoid, JNA, pleomorphic adenoma D/d of Thornwaldts cyst and Branchial cyst is based on the anatomical location.