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(thôrn′dīk′), Edward Lee 1874-1949.
American educational psychologist noted for his study of animal intelligence and for his methods of measuring intelligence.
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Thorndike abruptly repossessed his clipboard from Val, lifted up the top page and skimmed.
I always thought about John and I loved him all the time PATRICIA THORNDIKE ON A LOVE THAT NEVER DIED
Dan's Automotive, which is located in the Sunset Pond Business Park, has outgrown its original space, Dan Thorndike said.
FiberStore RS232 converters, with RJ45 connectors along with the appropriate DB9 or DB25 adapters make this possible," said Thorndike, director of FiberStore product division.
Founded in 2010 by Ashley Thorndike, Now & Next unites female college-aged dancers, middle school girls (ages 10 to 14), and working choreographers.
Tax historian Thorndike examines the philosophy, politics, mechanisms, effects, and legacy of US president Franklin D.
In a study of outsiders, Thorndike (2012) presents the story of eight notable CEO outsiders who had little or no formal training in business but whose radically different thinking created highly successful companies.
However, Thorndike said he believes Congress will extend the current 35% rate and $5 million exemption this year.
Prior to joining RMPI, he was a partner and the chief operating officer for Thorndike Development Corp.
We found that labeling all foods and beverages with a simple red, yellow and green color scheme to indicate their relative healthiness led patrons to purchase more of the healthy and fewer of the unhealthy items," says Anne Thorndike, MD, MPH, of the MGH division of General Medicine, who led the study.
The company hired John Thorndike from Credit Suisse (NYSE: CS) to help it focus on clients in the power sector.