Datura stramonium

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Da·tu·ra stra·mo·'ni·um

a species that is the main source of stramonium.
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Thornapple launched in 2015 and manages nine private funds investing in industries ranging from community banks, healthcare, technology, real estate, and state-legalized marijuana companies.
Rates of 1.8 2.25 kg atrazine/ha would be expected to control thornapple and in this study 2.5 kg/ha was applied.
As soft mast matures and begins to drop, look for turkeys in areas where there is gray and flowering dogwood, black cherry, thornapple, buckthorn, wild grape, and blackberries.
Pobts owns the Thornapple Orvis Shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
The latest Ruth Rendell Mystery is about James, a 13-year-old boy who is so fascinated by poisons that he makes his own from a thornapple plant.
Actress Beth Goddard, who stars in next Friday's Ruth Rendell Mystery Thornapple on ITV, was a vegetarian for years.
Brutus Thornapple ("dad loved coming up with off-the-wall names") is obviously the focal point of the strip.
* Thornapple Plaza, a 52,000-square-foot Valparaiso retail and office complex that should be completed this month;
(8) The Grand Rapids, Michigan, market is defined as Kent County (except Oakfield and Spencer townships); Thornapple, Irving, Carlton, Yankee Springs, Rutland, and Hastings townships in Barry County; Casnovia Township in Muskegon County; Salem, Dorr, and Leighton townships in Allegan County; and Jamestown, Georgetown, Blendon, Allendale, Tallmadge, Polkton, Wright, and Chester townships in Ottawa County, all in Michigan.
Singletrack takes racers to the top of Thornapple Hill and then back to North Field, quickly ducking into a singletrack trail along a stream.
Thornapple: "Excuse me, Chief?" Boss: Not now, Thornapple!" Thornapple: "But I have a pet peeve to bring up!" Boss: "Take it out for a walk!" ("The Born Loser," cartoon, Art & Chip Sansom, 01/18/06)