Johann, 19th-century German physician. See: Thormählen test.
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It signifies re-birth in the Buddhist sense of the word: "To the Buddhist, there is no such thing as being glad of another birth; on the contrary, rebirth is the curse of living beings until they achieve nirvana" (Thormahlen 168).
Creators Matt Walker, of Harrogate, North Yorks, and German Sven Thormahlen want to change perceptions.
Kurt Thormahlen, vice president of DRC Emergency Services - a company contracted by Houston to collect Harvey debris - said the amount of debris is unprecedented for his 24-year-old company, which is making it a slow process even with his employees working seven days a week from sunrise to sunset.
Sven Thormahlen, a 60-year-old German biochemist and the president of research and development at Arla, says he is "very concerned" by the rise of the dairy-free diet.
Acknowledgments: This essay is for Marianne Thormahlen, professor
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As Marianne Thormahlen notes, Wordsworth's "'profane' language freely incorporated strands of Biblical discourse." (53) Westbrook observes that his "adaptations and interpretations of biblical language and forms are original and audacious." (54) His allusions to the Song of Songs are in keeping with these assessments: he freely adapts the imagery for his own poetic purposes.
(26.) See, for example, Marianne Thormahlen's work on childhood in Eliot's poetry.
This is largely recognized to be the poem "A Satyr on Charles II" (Marianne Thormahlen's Rochester: The Poems in Context [Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1993] 285; David Farley-Hills's Rochester: The Critical Heritage [London: Routlege & Kegan Paul, 1972] 122).