Johann, 19th-century German physician. See: Thormählen test.
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As Marianne Thormahlen notes, Wordsworth's "'profane' language freely incorporated strands of Biblical discourse.
NJZ Resources, Thormahlen s company, registered in Hong Kong, in turn provided the joint venture company with mining equipment on a hire purchase agreement.
Sven Thormahlen has more than twenty years experience in successfully managing industrial research and product development departments with emphasis on fast moving consumer goods, medical devices, OTC products and medical nutrition.
Frank Thormahlen, Department Head of Technical Writing, leads the PIM project and explains.
After compiling the list of fastest-growing industries, there were some apparent trends," Casey Thormahlen, a senior analyst for IBISWorld, said in a news release.
Axel Thormahlen, a German writer who lives in Sweden and translates from Swedish to German, writes carefully constructed, almost peaceful sentences that feel at once natural and weightless; the resulting stories have an effortlessness to them that belies the sometimes profound meditations lodged just below their seemingly straightforward surfaces.
While several recent works give special attention to Brontes portrayal of Christianity in her novels, including a substantive but in my view misleading essay "The Brontes and Religion" by John Maynard in the Cambridge Companion to the Brontes (2002), and a penetrating book-length study The Brontes and Religion (1999) by Marianne Thormahlen, Gallagher is the first to identify Jane Eyre as a "Christian feminist bildungsroman.
Reports from three other captive breeding attempts (all successful), one in the United Kingdom (Golding and Williams 1986), and two in the United States (Bohmke 1987, Thormahlen and Healy 1990), unequivocally indicated no mud was used in the sealing process.
Sven Thormahlen, vice president of the Research and Development Organization of the Danone Group, one of the leading dairy products, biscuits and mineral water companies.
Sven Thormahlen, vice president of the Research and Development Organization of the Danone Group, a leader in the field of dairy products, biscuits and mineral water.
by Marianne Thormahlen (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2003), pp.
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