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Relating to the external posterior chest wall, denoting especially an artery, vein, and nerve.
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1] Oliveira et al have suggested thoracodorsal fasciocutaneous flap cover the axillary defect.
Since then many other donor nerves have been promoted which include intercostal nerves4-6, thoracodorsal nerve4, medial pectoral nerve4,7, long thoracic nerve4, distal accessory nerve4,5, ipsilateral C7 root8, contralateral C7 root9, suprascapular nerve4,and hypoglossal nerve10.
Thoracodorsal and/or epigastric tissue volume filling techniques are recommended for any possible defects in the external quadrants.
Thoracodorsal and caudal superficial epigastric axial pattern flaps in cats.
Although deprived of its thoracodorsal pedicle, our flap was considered viable owing not only to the impressive size of the aforementioned vascular anastomotic loop but also to the pulsatile bleeding pattern witnessed after detaching its distal fibres.
24) Kapral reported a high rate of success using this technique (100%) with a broad range of nerve blocks with a broad range of nerve block spectrum (including the musculocutaneous, thoracodorsal, axillary and medial cutaneous brachial nerves) and absence of complications in adult patients.
Marie Billaud and colleagues from the University of Virginia School of Medicine in the US compared the arterial compliance of two different sized arteries: carotid (large) and thoracodorsal (smaller) in two groups of mice: one fed a high-fat diet for six weeks; the other a control group on a traditional diet.
25) The serratus anterior muscle--which uses branches of the thoracodorsal artery and vein, as well as the long thoracic nerve--has five muscle belly slips that can be oriented in different vectors for facial reanimation.
We have managed to demonstrate feasibility of the volume replacement with thoracodorsal flap in 24 patients with III BC stage.
The role of the lateral thoracodorsal fasciocutaneous flap in immediate conservative breast surgery reconstruction.
This approach involves tunneling the latissimus dorsi muscle and thoracodorsal vascular pedicle through the axilla to cover the mastectomy defect (6).