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Julia (1907–1972). First full-time Washington lobbyist for the American Nurses' Association. As a lobbyist, she was concerned with the improvement of education, working conditions, and economic and professional status in nursing. She also worked to improve Social Security benefits and for the passage of the Medicare program.


Henry, English surgeon, 1820-1904. See: Thompson test.

Thompson, chiropractic technique in which the thrusts are applied primarily to the pelvis to adjust dysfunction. Often the complaints are related to discrepancies in the length of the patient's legs.
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The quality of the sap can be affected by drought or bugs which consume the leaves, noted Thompson.
Marie, Thompson has lived on his current property for eight years.
The combined talents of the two Thompson men have meant considerable savings when updating their equipment.
We were the first ones in Canada to do it all steam," Thompson noted.
Thompson estimates it takes about three gallons of oil to make a gallon of syrup.