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Julia (1907–1972). First full-time Washington lobbyist for the American Nurses' Association. As a lobbyist, she was concerned with the improvement of education, working conditions, and economic and professional status in nursing. She also worked to improve Social Security benefits and for the passage of the Medicare program.


Henry, English surgeon, 1820-1904. See: Thompson test.

Thompson, chiropractic technique in which the thrusts are applied primarily to the pelvis to adjust dysfunction. Often the complaints are related to discrepancies in the length of the patient's legs.
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In his written response, Chudak accused Blaise Thompson of suffering from delusions of grandeur.
Clearly, there's more to Fred Dalton Thompson than first meets the eye--which is saying a lot considering this sleepy-eyed Southerner stands 6'5" and weighs 225 if he weighs an ounce.
Meanwhile, Thompson took to the airwaves - FM, AM, and shortwave - to promote the "next American war.
Thompson and his colleagues have made expert-system keys even more user-friendly.
5 million in construction financing for the Thompson LES (Lower East Side), located on Allen Street between Houston and Stanton Streets in Manhattan.
The contractor did the research and built the architecture for it, and we built a test tool that's used to test, the radios," says Thompson.
While it was cool last year, this year was hot, said Thompson.
The company has invested over $600 million in its SO2 abatement program, much of that between 1988 and 1994, when Inco completely changed their smelting process, Thompson says.
At the PNB school, Thompson says, "We are offering more maintenance physical therapy, more conditioning and encouraging aerobic training.
When former professional surfer Robbins Thompson went on NBC's Dateline to talk about an infamous old pal, alleged spree killer Andrew Cunanan, waves of homophobia hammered him for days afterward at San Diego's beaches.