Thomas, Hugh Owen

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Thomas, Hugh Owen

Brit. orthopedic surgeon, 1834–1891.

Thomas heel

A corrective shoe in which the heel is approx. 12 mm longer and 4 to 6 mm higher on the medial edge. This produces varus of the foot and prevents depression of the head of the talus.

Thomas splint

A splint originally developed to treat hip-joint disease. It is now used mainly to place traction on the leg in its long axis, in treating fractures of the upper leg. It consists of a proximal ring that fits around the upper leg and to which two long rigid slender steel rods are attached. These extend down to another smaller ring distal to the foot.

Thomas test

A test used to identify hip flexor contractures. Lying supine with the legs off the end of the table, the patient flexes the knee and tries to pull the thigh to the chest. Inability to perform this maneuver or extension of the opposite knee indicates tightness of the iliopsoas or rectus femoris muscle.
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Hugh Owen, English surgeon, 1834-1891.
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