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Willis, Thomas

Brit. anatomist, 1621–1675.
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CIRCLE OF WILLIS: Inferior view of brain

circle of Willis

An arterial anastomosis that encircles the optic chiasm and hypophysis, from which the principal arteries supplying the brain are derived. It receives blood from the two internal carotid arteries and the basilar artery formed by union of the two vertebral arteries. See: illustration

Willis cord

One of the cords crossing the superior longitudinal sinus transversely.

Willis pancreas

An obsolete term for the lesser pancreas.
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Thomas, English physician, 1621-1675.
accessorius willisii - nerve that arises by two sets of roots: cranial, emerging from the side of the medulla, and spinal, emerging from the ventrolateral part of the first five cervical segments of the spinal cord. Synonym(s): accessory nerve
chordae willisii - Synonym(s): Willis cords
circle of Willis - an anastomotic circle of arteries at the base of the brain. Synonym(s): arterial circle of cerebrum
Willis centrum nervosum - the largest and highest group of prevertebral sympathetic ganglia, located on the superior part of the abdominal aorta. Synonym(s): celiac ganglia
Willis cords - several fibrous cords crossing the superior sagittal sinus. Synonym(s): chordae willisii
Willis pancreas - a portion of the head of the pancreas formed by the superior mesenteric artery and abdominal aorta. Synonym(s): uncinate process of pancreas
Willis paracusis - the apparent increase in auditory acuity of a deaf person to conversation in noisy surroundings due to a companion's unconscious voice raising. Synonym(s): false paracusis
Willis pouch - obsolete term for lesser omentum.
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In his work De Anima Brutorum (1672) or Two Discourses Concerning the Soules of Brutes (1683) Thomas Willis uses the metaphor of vision to explain the specificity of the melancholic delirium.
Along with Charles II, eminent users or prescribers included Francis I, Elizabeth I's surgeon John Banister, Elizabeth Grey, countess of Kent, Robert Boyle, Thomas Willis, William III, and Queen Mary.
This is a book of biographies, and the subjects are George Sharpe, Thomas Browne, Henry Power, Thomas Willis, William Petty, Laurence Sterne, Victor Horsley, Hugh Cairns and finally Julius Hallervorden.
I blame seventeenth century anatomist, physician and pioneer neuroscientist Thomas Willis; he it was who 'found' the human consciousness.
Two-year-old Thomas Willis proves you are never too young to do your bit for the community.
Little Thomas Willis is one of six children with cancer heading for Lapland this weekend and a special date with Santa.
The Los Angeles institute was set up 19 years ago by Dr Gary LaVigna and Dr Thomas Willis to offer supported living, education and work for people with "challenging behaviour."
Pioneer neuroscientist Thomas Willis noted how overcrowding and especially, squalor, fanned the flames.
* Student Category: Thomas Willis from Yarm School ( presented by Jim Bradshaw, deputy vice-chancellor from the University of Sunderland.
Student category: Thomas Willis from Yarm School for a mooring aid that enables disabled or single-handed yachters to tie up safely.