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Thomas, English anatomist and physician, 1614-1673.
Wharton duct - of the salivary gland. Synonym(s): submandibular duct
Wharton jelly - the mucous connective tissue of the umbilical cord.
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CANADIAN author Thomas Wharton first came to public attention with the award-winning Icefields.
Standing: Roland Barral, Area Counsel for LMSB Financial Services: Larry Langdon, LMSB Commissioner; Thomas Wharton, another TEI organizer of the event; Harold Spitzfaden, New York Chapter President; and John Petrella, LMSB Industry Director for Financial Services.
Thomas Wharton (1614-73), one of the founders of endocrinology, endowed a salivary gland with his name.
In fact, in 1551 the fourth Lord Dacre and Thomas Wharton answered a summons from the Privy Council, which forced them to shake hands and try to resolve their differences peaceably.
Ryton and Crawcrook lost in the Pin Point League Challenge Trophy when efforts from Luke Gribbin, Luke Monaghan and Thomas Wharton sealed victory for North Shields.
Man-of-the-match Thomas Wharton (2), Chance Hancock, Conan Pierre and Luke Newton all crossed for tries.
Adam Thomas Wharton died after his car crashed on the A55 at Rhuallt Hill early on Saturday.
Thomas Wharton who learned that the jelly gives the cord resiliency and flexibility, and protects the blood vessels in the umbilical cord from compression.
Thomas Wharton farms at Kirfit Hall at Casterton, Cumbria, in the famously idyllic rural landscape known as Ruskin's View.
In 1787, Oxford don Thomas Wharton published a new version of Milton's poems in which Comus was accompanied by a description of Ludlow Castle.
Erik Mustad, Mark Smith, Jim Miller, Stuart Rogers, Ernie Kelly and Thomas Wharton were elected as members of the Company's board of directors; and