Fogarty, Thomas J.

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Thomas J., U.S. thoracic surgeon, 1934–.
Fogarty arterial embolectomy
Fogarty biliary probe
Fogarty catheter - a catheter used to remove arterial emboli and thrombi from major veins. Synonym(s): balloon-tip catheter
Fogarty clamp - a clamp with rubber-shod blades having serrated surfaces, to provide an atraumatic grip on tissues.
Fogarty forceps
Fogarty irrigation catheter
Fogarty venous thrombectomy catheter
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Tibion Corporation, a leader in the development of active orthotic devices based on bionic technologies, today announced that medical device luminary Thomas J.
It is noteworthy that there has been no loss of primary patency between the 6 and 9 month data from this clinical trial," commented Thomas J.
There are several attributes of the Vascular Architects aSpire Covered Stent that make it an excellent vehicle for intraluminal delivery of drugs," stated Thomas J.
Bacchus Vascular was founded in 1999 by renowned inventor and physician Thomas J.
Raytel Medical Corporation (Nasdaq:RTEL) announced today that Thomas J.
This early data is very encouraging considering that the average length of the lesions treated in the trial is beyond what most physicians will treat today without open surgery," said Thomas J.
Vascular Architects was founded in 1997 by surgeon, inventor and entrepreneur Thomas J.