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Thomas, English chemist, 1805-1869.
Graham law - the relative rapidity of diffusion of two gases varies inversely as the square root of their densities, i.e., their molecular weights.
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Stranraer had few opportunities in the second half, largely due to the impressive form of Thomas Graham in defence.
PHILADELPHIA -- Janney Montgomery Scott LLC ("Janney"), one of the nation's largest full-service regional financial services firms, today announced that Thomas Graham has joined the firm as Senior Vice President/Wealth Management, in its Washington, D.
Springs, junior Ugo Amadi and true freshman Thomas Graham were the cornerbacks who usually played on the first-team defense during the spring.
Contractor address : R S C Publishing Thomas Graham House Cambridge Cb4 0Wf
Preliminary round: Thomas Graham 21 Dennis Tattersley 20, Mick Higgins 18 Roy Sutton 21, Richard Punshon 18 Peter Hopkinson 21, James Martin 21 Dave Scott 14, Steve Parkin scr Gary Siswick 21, Don Rae 17 Mark Wood 21.
Russian President Vladimir Putin is taking a gamble "that Europe would eventually seize an offer of cooperation in Syria to constrict the migrant flow and contain the terrorist threat and that such cooperation would sap Europe's aversion to Russian behavior in Ukraine, leading to a decision to ease sanctions," suggests Thomas Graham, a senior fellow at the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs and former senior advisor for Russia for the US National Security Council, from 2004 to 2007.
Founded in 1921 by Captain Thomas Graham Mellanby, the 1st Hartburn Sea Scouts Group provides fun and adventure for children aged six upwards.
In an exclusive interview with Fox News, Ambassador Thomas Graham, Jr, who has advised five U.
Thomas Graham, 32, of Craigmillar Avenue, Blakelaw.
We are happy to make clear that the owners of Lomond & Trossachs Fuels Limited are Thomas Graham Gillespie and Andrew Graham Davidson Murray.
Thomas Graham, 47, killed mother of four Geraldine Kane at his flat in West Belfast in July 2004.
Robert Thomas Graham, 39, of Helmsdale Avenue, Felling, was arrested after a police raid at a flat in Acomb Court, Gateshead.