Dover, Thomas

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Thomas, English physician, 1660-1742.
Dover powder - a sedative.
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Others honoured were Wexford men Patrick Bent, Stephen Byrne, James Carty, Joe Donohoe and Thomas Dover - over 70 per cent of all personnel who served in the merchant navy came from Wexford.
Anniversaries: 1709: Captain Thomas Dover discovered the castaway Alexander Selkirk on the island of Juan Fernandez; 1757: Birth of actor John Philip Kemble; 1840: The first dental college opened in Baltimore, Maryland, in the USA; 1872: Birth of contralto singer Dame Clara Ellen Butt; 1884: The first volume of the Oxford English Dictionary was published; 1910: First labour exchanges opened in Britain; 1949: Clothes rationing ended in England; 1977: Blizzards caused more than 100 deaths in the USA and the Pompidou Centre for arts, designed by English architect Richard Rodgers and Italian Renzo Piano, opened in Paris.
Thomas Dover, director of Ford Model's plus size division does not think many of the girls will get contracts as a result of the pageant's exposure.
The vast bulk of fashion worldwide has been directed to a size 8, and that's just unrealistic when you think that the majority of women aren't that size,'' said Thomas Dover, who heads the specialty division at Ford Models Inc.