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Thomas, English dermatologist, 1778-1821.
Bateman disease - infectious disease of the skin caused by a member of the pox virus.
Bateman purpura - purpura caused by lack of support of blood vessels secondary to old age. Can also be caused by corticosteroid therapy.
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This simple question sparked Thomas Bateman, professor in the School of Commerce at the University of Virginia, to conduct research that embodies a struggle that most of us are familiar with, as day-to-day life intrudes on our best intentions of training for that marathon, writing that novel, or securing that top job.
Gary Thomas Bateman, 39, is alleged to have killed the African Grey Parrot, named Blakey, by "beating it repeatedly" according to the charge sheet.
Thomas Bateman, |21, of Redcar, received a suspended sentence for indecent exposure
Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1992 cited in Steven Rockefeller, Thomas Bateman et al ed.
CHICAGO -- John Trinca couldn't remember the name of the soldier who died right next to him minutes after they met during World War II, and all Thomas Bateman Jr.
Chief Justice Fred Lewis wants to do something about it, by creating a task force chaired by Second Circuit Judge Thomas Bateman.
Leon County Circuit Court Judge Thomas Bateman ordered Southern Family Insurance Co.
DESIGN: Thomas Bateman Hood, architect, Larkspur, CA (415/461-9490)
Dublin fighters Thomas Bateman and Darrin O'Mara, from the Black Panther Club, are also pencilled in.
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I also like jacket potatoes with cheese and I like salad Thomas Bateman, 6 : I didn't like the salad but I liked the potato and the pudding of pineapple and ice cream.
That's a small sampling of the feedback received by the Supreme Court Work Group on Standards for Jury Panel Sizes, chaired by Second Circuit Judge Thomas Bateman, with Justice Fred Lewis serving as liaison.